Monday, November 8, 2010

A lazy weekend

Yay for lazy weekends! The weather has been less than beautiful here the past few days. I got caught in the rain riding to the supermarket on Friday. I hate bike riding in the rain. I also went to the open market and accidentally bought too many mushrooms and salmon. Some things were lost in translation. Ooopps.

Despite my laziness I have had some great culinary accomplishments this weekend. Jaap's friends Nicole and Martijn came over for dinner on Friday and I made a yummy Italian feast  from recipes I found at The Italian Dish. I wish I took pictures of the evening. We had a great time.

Saturday we went to the movies to see The Town. Oh Boston, how I miss you!

My favorite new stand at the market
de Hoge Brug
Bakeries in Wyck

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