Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's getting closer!

Carnaval fun continues and it hasn't even officially started yet. The Redt Band took part in a festival in Oisterwijk last night. It's a town in Brabant about 20 minutes from Oirschot. There were about twenty bands participating in last night's festival. The bar had two large rooms for performing. Each band played two sets in each room.  Lots of music , Carnaval decorations, beer, and unfortunately smoke. Cough, cough. I still don't understand the 'no-smoking' laws in the Netherlands and apparently nobody does. 
Despite the fact that I couldn't breathe I still had a great time. The Redt Band always delivers! Always entertaining and fun. They really have a stage presence that other bands don't. Again, I'm completely biased, but this is my honest musical opinion. I decided to leave a few hours earlier and Jaap's father came to pick me up. Thanks Jan! I'm not the party animal I used to be. Lamo! I was bummed I missed the last set. The Redt Band was invited up for an encore when the festival ended. I'm so proud. :) 

The real party starts Friday. I can't wait to see how colorful Maastricht will be. I was sad I missed Halloween in New York this year, but Carnaval is definitely making up for it. Alaaf!
I love this picture of Jaap. 


  1. That looks like a whole lot of fun, indeed! :-)

  2. Yes, tons of fun!
    @Merisi- Love your blog. I used to live in Vienna and your pictures paint a lovely picture of the city!