Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Americans in Paris

What a weekend! We finally have visitors!!! My parents, aunts, and uncles have come to visit and we spent our first weekend together in Paris. I'm so happy I get to show my family our new home and the sites of our little city in Limburg. My parents have finally arrived and are enjoying their vacation. It has been a long anticipated event. Lots of planning, researching things to do, and things to see. I'm happy to have them close. It's hard when I have to go so long without seeing them. They are visiting Bruges right now and will return to the Netherlands tomorrow. I can't wait to show them Maastricht and learn more about where we live, but first...Americans in Paris!
Venus de Milo
What an incredible city. The architecture, the museums, the charm. I loved everything about it. Parisians live the good life. There is never enough time to do everything you like, which is another reason why I am so happy we live relatively close to Paris. A stop at the Louvre was a must and that's where we went first. Being that it's the largest museum in the world you can only pick and choose what you would like to see. It's impossible to see everything. Most people choose the Mona Lisa and we did as well and then just wandered around for awhile. Of course we had to pay a visit to some good ole Flemish and Dutch paintings as well. :)

Our first evening stroll ended at the Eiffel Tower. It's beautiful to see it lit up at night. 
Place des Vosges, built by Henri IV in the early 1600s
Saturday was an incredible day. It is still early to see things in bloom, but the first week of spring brought warm and sunny weather. Before meeting the family at Notre Dame, Adventures with Jaap began with brunch in the Marais neighborhood. We walked through the oldest squares in Paris, Place de Vosges. Beautiful fountains, statues, and children playing outside. We sat at a café around the corner and shared some bread with jam and of course a croissant. 
It's hard to coordinate travel requests for eight people, so we decided to start our Saturday solo and meet my parents and relatives at Notre Dame in the afternoon. I'd like to walk up the bell towers when we come back another time.
A little romantic afternoon lunch break with Alsace wine and crêpes. 
Followed by a quick Metro ride to Montmartre to visit the Basilique du Sacré Coer. 
A painters square around the corner from Sacré Coer.
And since we're in the neighborhood, a quick stroll past the Moulin Rouge.
Followed by a delicious dinner at a restaurant close to the Centre Pompidou with the best crème brûlée and chocolate soufflé I have ever had. Well, technically it was the first time I have ever eaten chocolate soufflé. Lekker, lekker, lekker!!!! 
Sunday we spent the day at Versailles. More about that next time. For now, I'm anxiously awaiting the return of my parents so we can show them the good life that Maastricht has to offer. 
Me & Mom

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