Monday, June 13, 2011

Pinkpop + a 5K= a great weekend

What a great weekend. There were lots of things going on this weekend that kept us busy with friends, music, and running. It's good to be a resident in the Netherlands during the month of June. In the past two weeks we've had three holidays. Not bad. Today is Pinksteren, that would be Pentecost in English. Don't ask me what it means, although my mother knew. She's Catholic though. I have no idea what today's holiday is about and Jaap gave me some vague explanation, but I am appreciating having this day off to relax, enjoy, and bake chocolate chip cookies. 
On Saturday we attended Pinkpop, a three day music festival about 30 minutes north of Maastricht. It's a pop/rock festival that takes place every year over the Pinksteren holiday. We went with some of Jaap's friends. I don't think we'll go again because a pop festival is just not our thing, but we still enjoyed ourselves. We heard a bunch of bands of I had never heard of but was still familiar with some of their music. (Lifehouse, Simple Plan, Manic Street Preachers). The highlight of the night was the headliner, Coldplay. What a great concert! They were incredible. I wouldn't consider myself a Coldplay fan, but I am now. It was great and fun to 'rock out' with Jaap. 

Saturday morning I ran a 5K with my friend Angela in the Maastricht Mooiste. I wish I had a picture to post here. It was so much fun and special thanks to Angela for pushing me along. We were both happy with our time and enjoyed a nice lunch and some glasses of rosé afterwards while watching the 15K participants run by. 

Here are some pictures and videos of our fun at Pinkpop. 
Here's Jaap with his Pinkpop hat. (He forgot his baseball cap at home). :)
Waiting for Coldplay

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