Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our American-British-Dutch Thanksgiving

This year's Thanksgiving was a multi-cultural affair sharing our American traditions with Dutch and British friends in Maastricht. Our international Thanksgiving celebration was a beautiful day. Good friends, good company, lekker food, and an abundance of reasons to be thankful and grateful this year. As the Dutch would say...het was gezellig!

Busy kitchen at the height of the preparation madness
It was my first Thanksgiving away from home and I'm sure the first of many to come. Special thanks for our hosts Pete and Jacob! (These are two of the first people I met in Maastricht while following my first Dutch course). Well done with the turkey and coordinating our amazing feast. It was delicious.
Classy table
Thanksgiving was not just a gathering of Americans. It was a collection of American, British, and Dutch friends. All bringing their own food and fun to the gathering. 
Me & Angela giving thanks for good sparkling wine
One of my favorite traditions lived on at our celebration: Giving thanks and saying what we are grateful for. 
The dessert buffet
It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without someone passing out on the couch. Here's Pete enjoying his post-Turkey eating coma. 
And of the course...the best thing about Thanksgiving....GAMES! (Minus the screaming and yelling of family members). New places, new people, new traditions. All in all a wonderful day with friends and love.

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