Thursday, March 7, 2013

Experiencing the best of Vienna

The Musikverein at night
An evening at the Musikverein is a musician's dream. Where better can you hear waltz music and Strauss? In short, no where. Vienna is the best place to celebrate and admire waltz music. We had so much fun. It was really a magical evening.
We did not hear the Vienna Philharmonic, but attended a concert by the Wiener Ring- Ensemble. A smaller chamber group consisting of members of the Vienna Phil. We give the performers credit for trying to inject some humor into the performances. Perhaps it was geared towards a 75+ aged crowd, but still very entertaining. The very drunk man behind us found it hysterical. But of course, hearing such beautiful music and admiring top notch musicianship is always invigorating and inspiring.
At intermission, Jaap snuck a peak at the Großer Saal where preparation were underway for the big New Year's Concert that was going to take place two days later.
Here's Jaap at Café Museum before the concert. Not as funky and interesting as I remember from being a student. (It's now part of a franchise of cafés--blah). But what place isn't interesting when I have this handsome hubby to stare at all evening?

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