Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our musical tour of Vienna

The Waltz King
Wandering through the mecca of classical music is what we call a vacation. Home to so many amazing musicians and composers throughout the centuries, no culture appreciates this art form quite the same way the Viennese do. 

Our trip to Vienna was based largely on musical hot spots. A walk through Stadtpark past the Strauss King and the famous Kursalon, a quick stop at Beethoven's PasqualatihausBeethoven's Heiligenstadt House, and Sunday morning mass at St. Augustine's with a complete orchestra and choir. Beautiful!

Winter stroll through Wien's Stadtpark
Riding the straßenbahn around the Ring
Beethoven's Pasqualatihaus-- where he worked on many of his symphonies and his only opera, Fidelio
We spent our Sunday morning at the Augustinian Church around the corner from the Hofburg. Their Sunday morning mass is famous in Vienna, complete with a concert, full orchestra and choir. A beautiful (and chilly) way to start the day.
Sunny ride to Heiligenstadt
Visiting Beethoven's Heiligenstadt house
We took the straßenbahn out to Heiligenstadt to visit one of Beethoven's former residences. At the time when Beethoven lived here it was a rural district of Vienna. The Heiligenstadt house is where he composed the Pastorale symphony. It's a special feeling to visit a place where a musical master once lived and worked. 
Our nightly strolls near the Ring brings us to the center of Vienna, the world famous Staatsoper. Hopefully our next trip to Vienna will include a performance in this amazing venue.

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