Friday, September 24, 2010

Limburg by bike

The new wheels!

The weather has been beautiful the past two days, sunny and in the 70s. Woo hoo! Yesterday I created my own little bike tour and went exploring through some neighboring towns. It took me two maps and google to figure out where I was going, but the trip was really beautiful. (I gasped twice at the views). Really stunning

I biked through Gronsveld, Rijckholt, Withuis, and Eijsden. It sounds like a lot, but keep in mind these towns are about 2 square miles each. I'm used to upstate New York travel, where you can drive for two hours and not see anything. In the Netherlands, everything is so densely populated it doesn't take long to get from place to place. In general traveling by bike is very practical because everything is so flat, although Limburg is known for it's 'rolling hills'. 

Here are some pictures of the ride. Lots of farms, cows, horses, and my favorite... castles. The castles are privately owned, so I don't know tons about them. Very pretty though. 
Bike path through Rijckholt
Church in Gronsveld
Rode bessen
Kasteel Gronsveld

Kasteel Rijckholt (15th century)

Limburg countryside (Eijsden)
Reminded me of Van Gogh paintings

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