Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekend Part II: Oirschot & Party with 'Arti'

We spent the rest of the weekend in Oirschot (Jaap's hometown) with the Jansens and some fun band folks. Saturday was Open Monumentendag (open monument day) throughout the Netherlands. We walked through Oirschot and got a tour of Sint Petrus (I hope I'm spelling this right). Jaap grew up going to this church. We took a guided tour and climbed up the tower to the roof and saw some magnificent views of Oirschot and surrounding areas of Brabant. (Brabant is the province where Oirschot is located).

Sint Petrus (15th-16th century)


Later on we spent the evening with Jaap's band from Oirschot, 'Arti'. Each year they have an annual BBQ and party which consists of activities and games. For one of the games we had to pass cucumbers back and forth to each other only using our legs. (See pics below). It was interesting and a little odd. Afterwards there was a bike tour through Oirschot and Spoordunk. The weather was beautiful and perfect for a bike ride.

Getting ready to ride!

Bike tour through Oirschot & Spoordonk

Strange Dutch games

Obstacle course, me running with trumpet

Following the games and bike tour was the annual BBQ for 'Arti' (the band) with drinks and even dancing. It made me miss my Grand Street Community Band friends, but it was fun to celebrate with other band musicians. One things for sure, band geeks everywhere know how to party.

Party with the Redt Band (Jaap's party band friends)

Late night dance party

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