Sunday, December 19, 2010

December festivities

Happy Holidays!
It's snowing like crazy! Surprisingly I've had a busy week. It's amazing how one can become busy without even working. Doctor appointments, an introduction session at my new gym, a Christmas caroling concert at the conservatory, and an outing with the Dutch class. It's been a fun week.

Although being unemployed does not mean that there isn't lots of work to be done in the apartment. But who am I kidding? Cooking and cleaning for two people isn't exactly difficult. I thought I was stressing out the other day about housework and shopping. And then I thought, "Wait a minute. Let's put things in perspective." The good news is I got a letter from Dutch Immigration this week saying that my residency permit will be on it's way soon. This means I'll be able to work again...hopefully in January. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that all of the paperwork goes smoothly. I am grateful that my future employer is willing to wait for my appropriate documents. Extremely grateful!

Thursday was my last day of Dutch class at the university until February. We have all successfully completed module 1! I was very happy that my teacher complimented my improvements and said that my Dutch is super goed. I was so happy. Afterwards we all attended an event for expats and the international community living in Maastricht called Maastricht Mingle. It was fun to hang out with my classmates in a social setting. I even saw several women that I met through the International Women's Club there. It's nice to know that it is possible to make friends. I miss my NY friends like crazy though! It's just not the same. 
Mom's homemade Rudolph head
Last night we had a party at our place. I was so happy to bring our two groups of friends together. I've met some nice people through the Womens' Club and my Dutch classes. I was happy that they were able to come and celebrate with us. Jaap's Mom came as well and helped us organize the event. Thank you so much Trees!

In preparation for the party I found myself doing a lot of things that my parents do around the holidays. I think I'm trying to keep them close to me this holiday season even though they are so far away. Decorating the tree, baking cookies, and hanging Mom's Rudolph head reminds of home and especially family. I was so happy to get a package from home this week with Rudolph and some baking products I can't find in the Netherlands...chocolate chips and cream of tartar. Now perhaps cream of tartar is in the supermarkets, but after asking around nobody seems to know what I'm talking about. So I was happy when I opened a package with some inside. I made Mom's Snickerdoodles with it and they were a hit!
Kerst Feest!
After the cleanup this morning we went for some coffee and a nice stroll in the city. At the time it was snowing lightly and the park looked incredible. It's really coming down now, so I'm enjoying the view from indoors while listening to my new Mariah Carey Christmas CD from Sinterklaas. :)
City Park
Me & Trees


  1. Nice photos. I can understand the anticipation for the residence permit. Wish you all the best for it. And yes, I agree about the Dutch class - one of the best places to meet like minded people, all in the same boat :)

  2. Thanks. Maastricht looks beautiful today with all this snow. The residency permit has made me anxious, but I'm hopeful that everything will come through in a timely fashion. :)