Thursday, February 16, 2012

One more day...

Carnaval 2011
It's almost time. Carnaval is right around the corner and the celebrations will commence tomorrow. We're spending our first night in Jaap's hometown with our Kolonisten (Settlers of Catan) gaming friends. (We've grown quite close to our American/Dutch crew of friends here). I'm excited they get to see Jaap's party band in action. So veel plezier to everyone in Brabant, Limburg and places in the northern parts of the Netherlands that wished they lived here this week. :) Alaaf!

The Mooswief: A Maastricht Carnaval icon

Jaap's party band in Oirschot, Carnaval 2011
Kolonisten gaming friends: Pete, Arie, Jenny & Jaap
Me, Pete & Jacob

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  1. Carnaval is so crazy fun, it's too bad I can't remember most of it! Have a great time :)