Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alaaf til you drop: Part II in Maastricht

Carnaval in Maastricht was a blast, but I'm glad it's over! Day into night partying takes a lot out of you. Year 2 in Maastricht and I still love this lively celebration. The costumes, bad music, and happy people in the streets. It's all good fun. I can't believe how much time and effort people put into their costumes. Bright colors, huge hats, headpieces, face painting, costumes that light up or stand 5 feet in the air! It's always fun to see the creativity. 
Here is one of my favorites. I saw them last year, so it's gotta be an annual tradition. A group of people made costumes that replicate some "Carnaval" artwork that's publicly displayed in the Vrijthof. 
One of my favorite costumes
Actual artwork in the Vrijthof
The Mooswief
Despite the bad weather which included: snow, hail, and sunshine, we partied on!
It was pretty chilly so heading inside was a must. Here I am with my "gypsy sister" Angela.
Another one of my favorite costumes
What a great 5 days! Til next year Carnaval... Alaaf!


  1. Hi! Someone (blogger Sandra, author of Presépio con vista...) recommended your blog while commenting on mine and I thought I'd stop by to check it out.
    Limburg is a province that I still have to explore a bit further. Every time I've been on the other side of the big rivers I've felt a lot closer to home (in Argentina) and more in my element even, that where I am currently living (Zwolle, Overijssel).
    Great shots of the Carnival, it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. HI Aledys!

    Carnaval is great! The way Maastricht transforms is incredible.

    The Limburg vibe is definitely different. There is a greater "café culture". :)

    Great to hear from you! I hope you're out enjoying the sun.