Sunday, March 18, 2012

R.I.P. Fiets

We've had a beautiful Sunday. A bike ride to nearby Eijsden, lunch with a river view on the Maas, and a viewing of an "antiques roadshow" with our friends. We stopped at one of my favorite little spots, Eijsden castle. I love this place. 
In bike related news, I got my new fiets (bike) today. It's been a sad few weeks without my bike that I liked so much. I stupidly left my key in my bike during Dutch class and my bike was stolen. An easy steal for a bike thief. Jaap says I'm becoming more and more Dutch because having your bike stolen is a part of Dutch life. Well, you live and learn! 
R.I.P. fiets...thanks for the good times


  1. Sorry to hear about your old bike. I hope you like the new one even more!

  2. Spring and outings in such fine surroundings, what more can one want?
    A bike, of course! I am so glad you have a beautiful new one. Good luck and many safe rides,