Friday, October 18, 2013

Mom in Amsterdam

Part of Mom's visit to meet Flora included a two night trip to Amsterdam. Mom's trip was full of sunshine, blue skies, and warm weather. I told her this was very "un-Dutch".
Per Mom's request, we visited the Van Gogh Museum. I was happy to see it since it's renovation. Afterwards we enjoyed a sunny walk through the Museumkwartier.
We had lots of time to kill before our visit to the Amsterdam Expo, so we had a very leisurely stroll and rest in the Vondel Park. 
Van Gogh Museum
Flora's first visit to a museum. She was unimpressed.
It was a beautiful, crisp fall day. Perfect for some exercise in the park. After the walk I was craving a nice cup of coffee. As we turn a corner, there it was. My favorite little coffee place, Douwe Egberts. Perfect timing!
Jaap wanted to check out the Pixar exhibit at the Amsterdam Expo. My husband is really just a big kid at heart. I realized this very early in our relationship, since our second date was to a Pixar movie. Here he is with some friends.
On Sunday we went to the Anne Frank Huis (something new for me) and walked around the Negen Straatjes and admired all the beautiful canals. What's not to love about Amsterdam? I love this city.
Flora's favorite hold

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