Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mom in Maastricht

My favorite pic of the week. Lunch at Grand Cafe Maastricht Soiron

I feel like I waited all summer for my Mom to arrive for her official visit with Flora and it's already over. Time really flies when you're having fun (and busy with a newborn). Mom's visit came at the perfect time. Just when I needed a little Mommy confidence boost, my mother arrives to tell me that everything I'm doing is fine and to trust my "Mommy instincts". I needed that extra reassurance.
Long walk in the Stad Park
I'm sure this visit was more special for my Mom than it was for me. Meeting your newest grandchild for the first time is a big deal. We had lots of relaxed quality time together. Our days were full of long walks, frequent trips to cafes all over Maastricht, home cooked meals, and of course, lots of cuddles with Flora. We even made it to Amsterdam for two nights. Our first overnight trip with Flora was a success!
And now I'm settling back into life without having my Mom around all the time. The first few days after saying good bye to my parents are always the hardest and this time it was particularly difficult. The thing I miss the most is the warm, cozy feeling my Mom gives me. Now it's my turn to share it with little Flora. :)

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