Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ardennes with Friends in St. Hubert

Two weeks ago we enjoyed a weekend away in the Belgian Ardennes with friends. It was a weekend full of relaxation, walks, cooking (and drinking), and of course games. We rented a house in St. Hubert with four other couples and friends of ours that live in Maastricht. It was an international weekend of American, British, Dutch, and French-Canadian fun. 
First night of games...Cranium!

Our walk into town
Basilica in St. Hubert
You know you've had a good weekend when you don't have many pictures to show of it. I was having too much fun with my friends to pick up the camera and capture the moments. Oh well! 
Dutch guys having fun
My favorite thing about!
Along with our friends, we rented this house in the Ardennes region in the province of Luxembourg. 1.5 hours from Maastricht and we're surrounded by beautiful forests and big rolling hills. It's a nice change in landscape from the Netherlands. 
We spent our weekend cooking for each other, playing board games, walking, hiking, and lounging on the couch. 
We had some great weather on Sunday, so a group of us decided to do some light hiking. 
My favorite photo of the day was four of the guys posing for this shot in the trees. I love the pose.
Times flies when you're having fun and this weekend went by way too fast. We're looking forward to our next weekend trip with friends!

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