Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter & the Paas Haas Taart

Vrolijk Pasen or Happy (Second Day) of Easter! Easter is celebrated with two days here in the Netherlands. First and second day, similar to Christmas. Today is the second day of Easter or Pasen and we're spending a relaxing day at home playing board games, drinking tea, and enjoying our day off from work.

In keeping with a Pardo family Easter tradition, I baked my mom's Easter Bunny cake. I had fun decorating the cake with Jaap's nephews and showing them how to decorate the Easter Bunny (Paas Haas) in my broken Dutch. It was a hit with the nephews and it made me think of my mother and family all day. :)
Tijn on the hunt
Baby Simon and Opa
Blindfolded Mees playing Jasper's Paasquiz

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