Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Friday & Flowers

Friday was our day with the Jansens.We spent the day with Jaap's parents and visited one of our favorite little places outside of Maastricht, Eijsden Castle. 
Eijsden Castle
The trip to Intratuin was a success! (Intratruin is the Ikea version of a floral nursery). We wanted to go with Jaap's parents because they are expert gardeners. The Dutch don't mess around with their flowers. Gardening in this country is serious business. 
Our balcony is now officially Dutch. Boxed plants of herbs, flowers, and Jaap's favorite, the hanging plant. Thank you to the Jansens for helping us and especially to Jan for planting everything!
Our leftover "tea-lighter" is now a potted plant
Father & son enjoying the flowers
After a nice dinner with the Jansens at one of our favorite restaurants, EetcafĂ© Ceramique, we went out for an evening of live music with our friends Jenny and Arie. 
This soul-funk-jazz night was actually hosted at our local library in Ceramique. Not bad for a library!

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