Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cavtat & the Peljesac Peninsula

Driving along the Dalmatian coast is breathtaking. It reminded me of a road trip I once took from L.A. to San Francisco on California's Pacific Coast Highway. Winding roads, high cliffs, and scenic views of the water. Our way to Dubrovnik was a little slow moving coming from Split, but really...there's no other way to get there. The major interstate that goes through Croatia suddenly stops at some point close to the Bosnian border. For political and various other reasons, there is no major highway connecting the bottom portion of Dalmatia to a faster route. This allowed us to drive along the coast and even through Bosnia Herzegovina for 20 minutes. Despite the slow pace, it was a beautiful ride.
Views of Dubronik en route to Cavtat
Fresh OJ in Cavtat
Driving more in Croatia, we took two day trips from Dubrovnik to Cavtat and the Peljesac Peninsula (famous for their wine production). The drives are winding, a little slow, but filled with lots of beauty. From high cliffs on the road you can see tons of hidden beaches all along the coast.
Peninsula surrounding Cavtat
Cavtat is a quiet town. A little more upscale than quaint little Rovinj, but very cute. Even though there is not much to do in this little town the walk around the peninsula made it worth our trip. It's a shaded stroll with tons of little swimming coves. We found a nice spot for a cold drink. We sat there and stared at the Adriatic sipping our drinks for awhile. It doesn't get better than that.
Vacation :)
Jaap and his fish later on that night in the Old Town
The Great Wall of Croatia- medieval fortication
For our last day with the rental car we took a trip to the Peljesac Peninsula, just north of Dubrovnik. This area is famous for their wine production and oysters. We stopped at a few wineries to sample some Croatian wine and made a small purchase.

We found a rocky beach for some swimming in Zuljana. I wondered why there weren't many people in the water until we entered and found it quite chilly. A lot colder than swimming near our apartment in Dubrovnik. Still beautiful though. The beach is secluded and quiet. Much more relaxing than busy Dubrovnik.
We ended our tour of Peljesac in a little town called Orebic. Orebic also had a cute little beach, but we opted to sit in a big rocking lounge chair with a mojito instead of taking a dip. Our swings offered a nice, relaxing view of the harbor and the bright blue/green water. Another magic moment with Jaap!
And the perfect ending to our day trip... Returning home to our apartment, sitting on the balcony, sipping wine with a book, and watching the sun go down. Ah...vacation!

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