Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Living the Good Life--Dubrovnik Style

This trip was full of so many magic moments. I had to pinch myself and ask Jaap, "Is this really my life?" Our evening drinks at Buza Bar in Dubrovnik was one of those times. Just when I thought Dubrovnik couldn't get better, we visited this place.
Finding Buza Bar can be challenge, in fact I'm still not 100% sure that the bar we went to is actually called Buza Bar. (We couldn't find a name anywhere.) Dubrovnik has two bars like this and our apartment manager recommended one of them to us. It's a must see. It's literally a hole in the City Wall that you walk through and it brings you to a rocky outreach, complete with tables, chairs, good music, friendly bartenders, and amazing views of the Adriatic.
Ridiculously happy
People swimming, locals fishing, and drinks with Jaap as the sun started to go down. Croatians know how to live the good life and all I could think was how lucky we are to be here and experience it with them. What a great evening!
Lokrum Island
He's so cute.

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