Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dinner with the Jansens

From left to right: Jan, Willem, Annabelle, me, Mieke, Jaap, Trees & Frans

Last night we traveled with Jan and Trees to Gorinchem for dinner with the Jansen family. It was a treat to have everyone together in the same place. Frans and Annabelle live in Gorinchem (which is closer to Utrecht). It was an adult-only evening, but we were able to visit with the nephews before dinner. Jasper is taking drum lessons and gave us a special performance. From a music teacher's perspective and in my professional opinion, I thought he was very good, especially after only three lessons! Click on the video below to view our private jam session. The other video is Tijn and Mees playing musical chairs while Jasper DJs. They're too cute. Mees is too young to understand exactly how the game works, so it was hilarious to watch them play. 

Afterwards we went to dinner and enjoyed a great meal together. I love that dinners in the Netherlands (and I'm sure most of Europe) are longer, more drawn out affairs. (Although, I think New Yorkers are experts at dining out and enjoying one's company). I love that after dinner it is typical to order dessert, tea, and coffee, even if it is something simple like yogurt and fruit. And not just on special occasions, but all the time. I have to admit though, I have to start being more careful about not indulging too much in these tasty treats. And after that first round of dessert, tea, and coffee comes another round of tea and coffee. I love it! Dinner takes time, you enjoy each other's company and nobody is in a rush to leave. That extra cup of coffee is expected and enjoyed. At the the end of the night everyone hugs good-bye and says Het was gezellig! A saying that you just can't translate in English. 
Jasper & Tijn

We stayed with Jaap's parents last night since we live quite far from Gorinchem. It was another sunny afternoon in Oirschot today. After brunch we took a stroll and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Here are some pictures from our walk. 

Today's weather and yesterday's talks of the upcoming Sinterklaas holiday remind me how much I love this time of year. I miss candy corn and Halloween decorations, but we will celebrate by going to Maastricht Jazz next weekend!

Jaap's now playing a Halloween video game and I'm enjoying my tea next to him on the couch. Mmmm....Het is gezellig.
Walking through Oirschot
Trees & Jan

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