Monday, October 11, 2010

Our weekend

Jaap and I went to the Limburg Symphony Orchestra because the conductor of the orchestra we play is a member and was able to get some free group tickets. It was a beautiful day in Maastricht! We waked to the Vrijthof for dinner with some of Jaap's friends before the concert. The program was all winds and we got hear Mozart's Gran Partita, a brass piece by some Scandinavian composer I can't remember (sorry), and a Stravinsky piano concerto. Not exactly Carnegie Hall, but very nice! Look closely at the picture and you can see flowers on the podium. Very Dutch.

Friday night walk along the Maas
Limburg Symphony Orchestra
Saturday morning I went for a bike ride to Grunsveld, a neighboring town outside of Maastricht. The Limburg countryside makes me gasp it is so beautiful. Mom & Pop- It reminds me of Catskill minus the mountains. It’s stunning. On my trip I found the windmill Jaap told me about. I’m still fascinated by all the windmills everywhere.
Beautiful Limburg countryside
Look what I found on the morning ride!
After brunch on Saturday (which was delicious by the way I made crepes), we walked around Maastricht’s ‘City Park’. It reminds me of a smaller version of Central Park. 
City Park, old fortifications

On Saturday evening we went to Oirschot because Jaap’s mom, Trees, was singing the Mozart Requiem and Vivaldi’s Gloria on Sunday. Brava Trees!
St. Peters in Oirschot

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