Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fun Fridays

Friday was the perfect day! Hiking in Belgium, beautiful sunny weather, and an evening of dinner and jazz with and friends. The weekend started off on a good note.
On Friday I drove to Belgium to visit my Australian friend, Rosalie, from my Dutch class. I still think it's cool that I can say I drove to Belgium for the afternoon. It sounds quite far, but it's only 3 km away.
We went for a hike through part of a Belgian national park. It's really close to Maastricht, so I definitely want to take Jaap back. The park has a series of trails that you can take that are connected in a huge square shape. I could have easily gotten lost here. It was the perfect fall day and really reminded me of home. Thanks to Rosalie for showing me this part of Belgium and for lunch!
Jaap and I made plans to hear some jazz at Café Forum in Maastricht on Friday. I read about the Jeker Jazz weekend on Forum's website. There were many jazz performances at various clubs and bars throughout the city over the past three days. We saw a local group called the New Orleans Brass Connection. Coincidentally our friends Céline and Guillaume were going there the same night. An added bonus! 
Living with a brass/jazz guy has turned me into a jazz lover. I pretty much had no interest in jazz before I met Jaap and now I really enjoy our jazz nights out together. The New Orleans Brass Connection was great and would definitely see them again in Maastricht. Good musicianship, great sound, and very entertaining. 

Isn't this a great view of Maastricht? Another reason why I love our little Dutch city. 

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