Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last day of summer

Two weeks ago Maastricht was warm and sunny. We knew that it was going to be our last warm weekend, so we went outside to enjoy it. Fall is officially here now and it's my favorite season. I feel bad for the Dutch though. Their autumn season is ruined with all this rain. Bummer. I used to look forward to fall every year in New York. Central Park in September and October is the best place to be. Enjoying some people watching with my friends at the Sheep Meadow, followed by some glasses of wine at the Boat Basin on a Sunday afternoon. Oh New York, I miss you! Now I just have to get used to rainy fall weather. That's why we flock outside every chance we get. Sunny fall days in the Netherlands happen less often than in New York, but they still remind me of home. 
Jaap & our neighborhood Céramique behind him
We took a walk to get some fresh air and lunch. On our stroll we were lucky to find a group of musicians rehearsing for the Tuna Festival that was in Maastricht that weekend. The Tuna Festival is a celebration of Spanish and Portuguese music. We found this group on the other side of the Hoog Brug and watched them for about a half hour. 

It was a nice way to enjoy the last few days of warm weather. I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks. We have lots of nice things planned. Weekend getaways with friends, our upcoming vacation to the Mosel valley in Germany, and of course quality time with Jaap in Maastricht. Good-bye summer!

Walking through the Stadspark
My favorite view of medieval Maastricht, the Hellport Gate and the city walls

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