Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sunny Sippenaeken

Last weekend was the annual 'Ardennes trip' to Belgium with the friends of Jaap's sister and brother-in-law. Except this time we were not in the Ardennes, but in sunny Sippenaeken. It's very close to Maastricht, only 35 minutes by car, but it kind of felt like we were far from home. We had perfect weather, great hiking, time to play games, and good company. Het was gezellig!
I was super excited that we got to bring friends with us. There were a few last minute cancellations from the group, which left it open to others. Luckily our friends (Jacob, Pete, Jenny & Arie) were able to come along. They have become our 'game buddies'. We get together about twice a month for drinks and games. It's a nice mix of American and Dutchies. I'm happy Jaap and I have made mutual friends that remind me of my friends back home and America. Our community of friends have made me feel more at home in Maastricht.
Jacob, Pete, Jenny & Ary enjoying the hike
Magellan pointing the way
Another great part of the trip is the Saturday night 3 course meal. Everyone cooks something to contribute and we have a slow paced meal with candles and wine. Too many cooks in the kitchen is an understatement, but I'm always impressed at how organized the weekend runs.
Saturday night's 3 course meal. Lekker!
This annual trip is pretty relaxing and laid back. People break off and pretty much do whatever they feel like. We decided to do some light hiking and saw some pretty spectacular views along the way. 
Our weekend with friends in Belgium was the perfect way to start our October break. Next time...adventures in Germany in the Mosel & Rhine river valleys!


  1. Gorgeous photos Elena! Wish Fall in China looked like this!

  2. Thanks Leslie! Belgium is very beautiful!

  3. Yeah! Very happy we've made it to blog status. Our Belgian adventure was great - thanks for inviting us along!