Monday, October 3, 2011

The Gardens of Tivoli

Part of our Roman holiday was spent on a day trip to Tivoli. The idea of going came as a recommendation from my mother. I remember her talking about the beauty of the gardens and fountains of Tivoli and she was right. It's quite the sight. 
For an insanely cheap price of 6 euros, we went round trip by bus to Tivoli. The town is quite touristy, but there are some really beautiful places to visit. 
These pictures are from Villa d'Este, a estate built during the Renaissance that exemplifies Italian Renaissance architecture. The garden is beautiful, but the fountains are unbelievable. To think that these fountains were designed and worked without electricity is incredible. Even today, most of them are still powered by a hydraulic system from the Renaissance. (Okay, I'm sure there are been a bunch repairs somewhere throughout the centuries). They're stunning and it was one of my favorite things to see on our Roman holiday. I would love to stroll this garden alone (or with Jaapie :). It must be so peaceful without tourists walking around.
You probably can't tell, but in the picture below there's running water that starts at the top of the steps and trickles down. It's so refreshing to run your hands through it in the heat. 
Following our visit to d'Este we walked through Villa Gregoriana, a park complete with ruins and temples dating back to the 2nd century. Here's Jaap taking a break under the temple. Our hike had some great views of the waterfall and other ruins. It was also a nice opportunity to burn off all the gelato and pizza we had been consuming all week. :)
Next time...back to Rome!

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